How Many Types of Dentin Do You Have?

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How Many Types of Dentin Do You Have?

When it comes to the amount of dentin that you have, not many people think you have more than one. This is because the amount of dentin is often mistaken for the enamel that is protecting the outside of your teeth.

It is true that you only get one enamel coating and while it cannot be completely replaced, it is something that can be strengthened over time to provide even more protection. Dentin is a protective agent that provides the same benefits in the mouth and on the teeth.

The Types of Dentin That You Have

There are three types of dentin on the tooth that you should know about. The primary, secondary and tertiary. These three come together to create a strong barrier against the plaque and other buildup that teeth see on a regular basis. The secondary layer is not formed until the root of the tooth is completely formed and through the gums in the mouth.

This is a layer that comes a bit later. The primary layer is what is naturally found in the tooth, to begin with, while the tertiary layer comes about when something happens to the tooth. If a crack or chip happens then this would work to protect the tooth and try to cover the broken area with a protective layer.

If you have issues with the dentin in your teeth, then speak with us here. We can have you come in for an exam to ensure that your teeth are clean, strong and the dentin is doing what it should be doing and protecting your teeth overall. We provide more information on ways to brush and floss to protect these outside protective layers on the teeth. It can make a huge difference. Call us today to set up an appointment to learn more.

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