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Where You Never Want to Store Your Toothbrush

Brushing your teeth with a dirty toothbrush is probably not on your list of things to do. Making sure your toothbrush stays clean is just as important as keeping up on oral hygiene. Storing your toothbrush incorrectly can increase the chance of bacteria to form on your brush.

Many people may not even know they are doing it wrong. Let’s look into some incorrect ways to store a toothbrush and what we can do to correct bad habits.

What Are Some Bad Ideas For Storing Your Toothbrush

Many people travel with a toothbrush from home and put it in a toothbrush holder. The thought is to keep it safe from dirty stuff getting on it. Believe it or not this can be just as bad if not worse. Not allowing your toothbrush to dry out can actually increase the chances for bacteria to grow on it. If you like the idea of the travel container make sure you find one that has holes in the cap so your toothbrush has some airflow.

You may store your toothbrush in a medicine cabinet. This is also not a good idea. Again, if you don’t let your toothbrush dry out first, it can start to develop bacteria. In the cabinet, it’s a small enclosed space with very little to no airflow. This goes for drawers also. These enclosed spaces are ideal for bacteria growth.

Your toothbrush is recommended to be replaced around every three months. That is a long time for things to happen to your toothbrush if not stored properly. The goal is to have good oral hygiene, and that starts with having a clean brush.

Don’t feel bad if you had been doing something wrong. The important thing is that it gets corrected. Call our office today, and we will help you get the storage routine down pat.

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