Top 3 Acidic Sources You Probably Consume

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Top 3 Acidic Sources You Probably Consume

There are many acidic sources out there that you probably consume. Many of the acidic things you might not even know are acidic. This is because they don’t seem to be something that you should worry about.

However, when it comes to choosing a food to eat or a drink to drink, make sure to consider these acidic choices and go with something that may not have the acidic qualities each of these has.


Anything with sugar is going to be acidic and it is going to be bad for the teeth. The sugar interacts with the bacteria in the mouth and this creates acid that will sit on the outside of the teeth and actually eat through the enamel. This is the number one reason why cavities form, though there are other acids out there.


Fruits are also another acidic choice to go with. When it comes to eating through the teeth, you want to remove the acid from the outside of the teeth, which means rinsing the mouth out with water after eating some of the choices such as strawberries. These can also stain the outside of the teeth.


Carbonation that is found in soda and sparkling water and other items is acidic. You might not think about it being so, especially if you are drinking sparkling water with no sugar, but the carbonation that happens in the water creates a reaction in the mouth, which is what eats through the enamel on the teeth.

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