What Commonly Causes Teeth to Crack?

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What Commonly Causes Teeth to Crack?

Once you get your adult set of teeth, you expect them to last a lifetime. That is not always the case. It is possible to damage teeth in many ways. One type of damage that occurs is cracked teeth. Teeth can develop cracks or chips.

A dentist can help a person who has a cracked tooth, but it is better to avoid this whenever possible. There are several ways that people typically end up with q cracked tooth.

Accidental Damage

One of the most common ways that people crack their teeth is by accident. There are a few different types of accidents that are dangerous to the teeth:

  • Hard Objects – People that bite down on hard food or objects are at risk for a cracked tooth.
  • Blows to the mouth – Any type of hard blow to the mouth can put the teeth at risk. This can include a punch in the mouth or a fall.
  • Unintended Use – Some people like to open bottles with their teeth and do other stupid stunts. These can easily cause a cracked tooth.
  • Poor Care – Not taking care of one’s teeth can cause them to become weaker and more likely to crack.

Other Ways to Crack a Tooth

While accidents cause many cracked teeth, they are not the only way that it can happen. There are also a few things that people do not have as much control over that can lead to a cracked tooth:

  • Grinding – Anyone that grinds their teeth also risks cracking the teeth. The grinding puts pressure on the teeth.
  • Large Fillings – Anyone that has a large filling is at risk for cracks because the filling weakens the structure of the tooth.
  • Age – People over 50 are at a greater risk for cracked teeth.

Despite doing everything right, a cracked tooth is always possible. Knowing the causes can help you avoid the danger, but it does not eliminate it. If you want to know more about what you can do to avoid cracked teeth, call our offices and talk to our dental professionals for advice.


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