Non-Surgical Root Canal
San Diego

Non-Surgical Root Canal - Dentist Mission ValleyOne non-surgical root canal treatment can save your natural teeth and prevent any need for dental implants or bridges. Dr. Cassell performs root canal treatments in San Diego that restores healthy pulp and eliminates bacterial infections.

A root canal is a recommended non-surgical treatment to remove the diseased pulp. The root canal system is cleaned and sealed after the injured pulp has been extracted. During this treatment, patients will be under local anesthesia and the process will be completed in one or more visits.

Root canal has a 90 percent success rate and you will be informed if any complication occurs during the procedure.  Additionally, nitrous oxide will be provided if recommended. You may be able to drive home after treatment and return to your regular routine.

After root canal therapy, a record will be created and sent to your general or restorative dentist. Follow-up restorations can be scheduled within a few weeks after the initial treatment. If any problems occur, we will be available to respond.  You can prevent further decay by continuing to practice high quality dental hygiene.