Dentures in Mission Valley, CA

Dentures at Cassell Dentistry - Mission Valley, CALosing teeth can happen for some different reasons. You may have sustained an injury while playing football or you may have fallen and hit your face. Your teeth may have been affected by advanced gum disease or severe decay. In some cases, the teeth may have fallen out on their own. In others, the teeth may need to be extracted. No matter how it happens, losing teeth is never fun. If you are missing teeth, Cassell Dentistry can help with dentures.

Effects of Missing Teeth

No matter how you lose teeth, the event has several significant effects on your life. Effects of tooth loss include:

• Difficulty biting and chewing.
• Interference in proper digestion and poor nutrition.
• Difficulty speaking properly.
• A decrease in the quality of your smile, which can result in self-consciousness.
• Changes in your jawbone.
• Loss of support for facial features, which results in sunken features, sagging skin, and wrinkles.

Replacing a Full Arch of Missing Teeth

Dentures are the traditional treatment for replacing an arch of missing teeth. While this treatment has been around for hundreds of years, it has undergone many changes and improvements over the years. The dentures of today are much more realistic in appearance and significantly less bulky.

Dentures are removable prosthetic teeth. The base is made from acrylic that can be colored to perfectly match your natural gum tissue. The base holds acrylic resin teeth that look just like real teeth. The base of the denture is designed to rest directly on your gums, which provide support for your new teeth.

Dentures are made from impressions of your mouth. Before taking impressions, any unhealthy teeth that are still in the jaw are extracted. The impressions are used to design and create your custom dentures. When they are ready, we check them for fit and a natural bite. If no adjustments are needed, you can leave with your brand-new teeth.

What if I am Only Missing a Section of Teeth?

If you are missing several teeth, but still have healthy teeth remaining in the same arch, we can provide you with a partial denture. With a partial denture, there is no need to extract perfectly healthy teeth to fit a full denture. Just like full dentures, partial dentures are made from impressions of your mouth. The design is similar as well. Partial dentures are a removable prosthesis consisting of an acrylic gum-colored base and acrylic resin teeth. The base sits on your gums, which provide support. Partial dentures also have metal clasps that attach to your healthy teeth, which aid in providing additional support.

The Benefits of Replacing Teeth with Dentures

There are several benefits associated with replacing teeth with full or partial dentures. These benefits include:

• You can normally eat again, which aids in improving your digestion and nutrition.
• Your speech is restored.
• Your smile is restored, and so is your confidence.
• Your facial features are filled out, restoring a more youthful appearance to your face.

Replacing your missing teeth is essential for restoring your smile, your oral health, and your overall quality of life. For more information on dentures, and to find out if they are right for you, call Cassell Dentistry at 619-220-7475 today.