Professional Teeth Whitening
in Mission Valley, CA

Before and After photos of teeth whitening by Dr. Cassell in Mission Valley, CAWhitening your teeth is a simple way to make a large impact on the look of your smile. At Cassell Dentistry, our office provides a wide range of cosmetic procedures designed to improve the look of your teeth, teeth whitening is one of the fastest, most cost-effective ways to give you a cleaner, brighter and even younger look. We invite you to schedule a consultation to review and discuss how teeth whitening can remove your extrinsic stains, we can take care of it in our office or prescribe a take-home kit to do at your convenience.

Why would I need teeth whitening?

Teeth whitening is done to remove surface stains and brighten your teeth. Our teeth are daily exposed to some foods, drinks and outside elements. This constant exposure can cause their brightness to fade and stains to collect. A wide variety of foods and drinks we consume contain tannic acid; this can cause darkening of the enamel. This includes drinks such as coffee, tea, and sodas; tannic acid can also be found in berries, chocolate, nuts, and many fresh fruits. Also, sauces that are tomato based and soy-based contain acid that darkens and stains.

Whitening your teeth allows you to remove the years of stains, often making people feel that their face has a younger appearance. Much like brightening a room with a new coat of paint, we can brighten your smile with a whiter smile.

How does teeth whitening work?

Teeth whitening is done with a peroxide-based gel. Dentists can prescribe a higher dosage of peroxide when controlled under our care. We can provide patients with both in-office whitening treatment or customized prescribed take-home kits.

In Office Teeth Whitening

Treatment that is done in our office takes about one hour. We apply a gel that contains a high dosage of peroxide and then hasten the treatment with a blue light laser. The results are teeth that are several shades whiter. Following treatment, patients will need to be cautious for the first few days as the teeth will be more susceptible to staining. We recommend whitening touch ups every year to maintain their brightness.

Prescribed Home Teeth Whitening Kits

We can create a customized kit to whiten your teeth at home. One of the biggest complaints among patients who purchase store bought kits is how the tray fits in their mouth; we can create a tray customized to your teeth. Additionally, we can prescribe a peroxide gel that is higher in dosage than can be store bought. This will mean more powerful whitening done on your schedule.

Prescribed Whitening or Store Bought?

Many patients ask about the effectiveness of store-bought whitening products. Any product that contains peroxide will offer some level of whitening. Store-bought products are not allowed to contain levels that can be prescribed. Patients who choose to whiten their teeth with store bought products will get results, but it will take a longer period. Patients who want quick and controlled results will find having the work done through our office to be worth the cost.