Non-Surgical Root Canal
in Mission Valley, CA

Non-Surgical Root Canal - Dentist Mission Valley

When it comes to maintaining good oral health, the best option is to prevent issues from occurring via exercising good oral hygiene and routinely visiting us for checkups. We are, however, all human and preventing issues isn’t always something that can be done. Regardless of the exact situation, there are many instances where we might find ourselves in need of some dental treatment in order to keep our teeth healthy. One of the most commonly performed dental procedures is a root canal. If you are informed that you need to have a root canal, you might experience a lot of apprehension thinking about the procedures. Did you know, however, that sometimes you don’t even have to have surgery in order for a root canal treatment? It’s true! There are non-surgical options that can help keep your teeth in good condition without the need for overly invasive surgery.

What is a root canal?

When a tooth becomes infected, it can create quite a bit of pain, not to mention posing a significant health risk should the issue be allowed to continue and spread. A root canal, then, is a dental procedure that is used to clean the tooth of any infection in the roots, and then fill the tooth cavity up with another material in order to ensure that the decay doesn’t return and cause more damage. There are two types of root canal procedures. The first is a surgical root canal, and the second is a non-surgical root canal. The one that you undergo will widely depend upon the issues that you are experiencing as well as how deep the infection goes and how easy it is to access the roots of your tooth, however many patients do quite well with the non-surgical option.

How does a non-surgical root canal differ from a traditional root canal?

When a traditional root canal is conducted, a cut is often made in the gum line of the patient in order to easily access the roots of the tooth in question. This can be a fairly invasive procedure that can cause many patients a lot of anxiety. A non-surgical root canal also accesses the roots of your tooth, but via drilling rather than cutting your gums. Think of a time when you have had to have a filling done, for example, and the dentist drilled through the decay in order to clean your tooth and fill it back up. This same principle is the one applied during a non-surgical root canal. We will drill through your tooth until they can access its roots, and then they will clean them and fill the cavity left behind in order to help prevent more infection or decay from occurring.

Most patients do well with non-surgical root canals, which are less invasive than traditional surgical root canals and therefore require less recovery time.

If you would like to learn more about your options when it comes to root canals and your oral health, please give us a call today and schedule an evaluation!