Tongue Piercings Are Incredibly Dangerous to Your Overall Oral Health

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Tongue Piercings Are Incredibly Dangerous to Your Overall Oral Health

While you are unique and want to express that individuality, tongue piercings are not the best way to go about it.

They are incredibly dangerous to your mouth’s health, and can lead to many complications afterwards. Read on for more warnings about tongue piercings and how they affect your oral health.

Bad Practices

One very dangerous risk that is undertaken when you get a piercing of any kind is having it done at an amateur or freelance clinic (or having a friend do it!)

A piercing is a self-inflicted open wound, and if they aren’t using sterile equipment and treating your new tongue injury properly, you are at grave risk of infection and disease, starting at the tongue and spreading throughout the entire mouth, potentially even the whole body if left unchecked.

While tattoo artists are required by law to register with the Department of State Health Services as providers, it can be hard to determine if yours is registered and licensed to practice or not. Better to just not take the risk!

Lingering Repercussions

But even if you vet your artist carefully and ensure that they are using the best practices to give you your piercing, at the end of the day, an open wound is an open wound.

You will have a gaping hole inside of your tongue, which is a great place for detritus and oral bacteria to gather and fester, and can be difficult to clean properly. Even if you are meticulous about brushing your teeth and flossing, bacteria can spread from this new site to your otherwise clean mouth, leading to cavities, gum disease, and inflammation.

While piercings may seem like a fun and individualistic way to express yourself, at their core they are a bad dental idea. You wouldn’t want gaping holes in your teeth and tongue naturally, so why get one artificially?

You take care of your mouth, which should include your delicate tongue as well! If you are considering a piercing, or already have one and need advice for keeping it, please give us a call first! We won’t judge, but we will give you the best advice possible to keep your mouth in perfect condition – hopefully, without holes!

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